From our friends at 3 Cricketeers in Minneapolis, join the edible insect revolution by trying 3 delicious energy packs of crickets and sunflower seeds: 


  • BBQ: Smokey, sweet with a little spice! Delicious crunchy BBQ Crickets and locally sourced toasted sunflower seeds. The perfect snack mix.
  • Chili Lime: Delicious, crunchy, tangy crickets with a kick! If you like spicy, this is your snack. Our organically MN Grown Chili-Lime Cricket Snack Mix with locally sourced toasted sunflower seeds.
  • Taco Spiced: Crunchy and savory- Taco spiced! Earthy and herbal notes of cumin, garlic, onion and oregano with just a touch of heat from ground chili peppers. Our 3 Cricketeers Taco Spiced Crickets tossed with locally sourced toasted sunflower seeds.



From 3 Cricketeers: "Our crickets are born and raised right here in Minneapolis, MN at our family-owned, urban farm. They are dehydrated, seasoned and toasted with locally sourced sunflower seeds in our on-site commercial kitchen. We are true Farm to Fork!


Whether you are an athlete training, love to workout or are looking for a high protein super-food for your adventure, crickets are it!


More calcium than milk and more iron than spinach! Cricket are a good source of B12 and the perfect ratio of Omega 6+3 fatty acids. They also promote gut health with chitin, a prebiotic fiber.




People with a shellfish allergy may be allergic to crickets. 



Spiced Crickets and Sunflower Seeds

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